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Expert partner of the chemical industry, Kalium is by far the best solution for SMEs. With its original concept, Kalium manages all regulatory affairs lowering costs and increasing safety.


Kalium was created in order to help SMEs meeting often complex and various regulatory requirements of Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments regarding chemicals and consumer containers.


Do you deal with a refusal to work? A work site stoppage? Our experts have the expertise to put your position forward to governments at all levels to settle the dispute quickly. Being recognized by the governments, Kalium is a comprehensive regulatory department that moves in your business. Our team includes only certified chemists and other professionals in the chemical field to ensure full compliancy without compromise.


Kalium is also your creator of documents. We create and customize your safety data sheets (SDS), WHMIS 2015 labels, consumer product labels according to the CCCR, Transport labels, etc.


Kalium offers various other services such as, compliance auditing, training in WHMIS, GHS, Transport of Dangerous Goods, TDG, management of hazardous waste, the classification of your products either for the professional labeling or consumer, transport and / or storage. Our experts work closely with all of your units in order to promote trade and ensure good communication and synergy.


Effectively, one of Kalium’s strength is the field presence of our chemists on production and warehouses sites. Versatile and innovative, we can support you in the step by step management of chemicals up to the final destination. We develop and implement tools that facilitate the understanding and commitment of your employees.


Finally, with our strong commitment, Kalium solutions can offer you partial services adapted to your needs or a full turnkey service of regulatory supports.




 Printing your labelsPrinting your labels



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Assistance and support

For better guidance and support, we are permanently in contact with Industry Canada, Competition bureau, Health Canada, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), Environment Canada and Transport Canada. Well known and trusted by the authorities, Kalium is staying abreast of the latest changes and futur developments. 

Our ressources at provincial level are multiple and are province dependent. The most frequently use are, CSST répertoire toxicologique, le Ministère du développement durable and Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.