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WHMIS labels in stores

Posted 3/5/2018



WHMIS, dangerous goods, storesWHMIS, dangerous goods, storesDo you sell chemicals in street shops?

Did you know that it is strictly forbidden to sell a product labeled only under WHMIS regulations in a store where consumers have access?

The rule of law is very clear on this. No product labeled under the WHMIS classification shall end up in the hands of a consumer who has not received appropriate training in the safe handling of that product.

Do not be mistaken ! WHMIS-labeled products may be sold through a regular store or distribution network if these products are kept in a location accessible to trained employees only.

Consequently, products can then be sold upon request to WHMIS 2015 trained professionals.

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Will you be compliant to WHMIS for June 1st 2017?

Posted 11/4/2017

The Hazardous Products Act has been amended! The amended version of WHMIS is called WHMIS 2015. This regulation applies to all people who come into contact with hazardous products at their workplace. The regulations target three distinct groups with different responsibilities.


For suppliers, you need to check to see if your products are dangerous. To complete your compliance, you must prepare labels and safety data sheets (SDS) by making them available to purchasers of hazardous products for use in the workplace.


For employers, you must inform workers of the hazards associated with hazardous products in their work environment. In addition, you should also talk to them about safe methods of using these products by providing them with proper (customized) training. You must also ensure that hazardous materials are appropriately labeled, prepare safety data sheets (MSDSs) and put in place appropriate controls to protect the health and safety of workers.

The employees

Finally, for workers, they will have to participate in training programs on WHMIS and on the safety of chemicals. Employees will also be responsible for protecting their colleagues and for participating in the designation and control of hazards.

You are not alone!

In order to comply adequately or to conduct training on WHMIS regulations, trust the Kalium Solutions team to guide you through the many policies and procedures. Our experts will help you work in a safe environment that meets government standards.

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Health Canada will again accept WHMIS concentration ranges

Posted 10/25/2017

This regulatory amendment will allow the use of prescribed levels to protect the actual concentration of ingredients again.

To read the amendment directly on the Health Canada website, see the link below:

Good reading!

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Posted 7/17/2017

INVOLVEMENT of a request for exemption from the obligation to disclose a CAS



For the time beeing, there are the issues - obligations - costs if you want to apply for an exemption from the obligation to disclose a CAS number.  At the request of the chemical industry, this process is under review by Health Canada.


ISSUES - OBLIGATIONS For your application to be considered;

- You hold your confidential information yourself
- You have taken all reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality
- Demonstrate that disclosure may result in financial loss




(A) in the case of a single original application, the amount is $ 1,800; and
(B) in the case of simultaneous submission of several original applications, it is:

• $ 1,800 for each of the first 15 applications,
• $ 400 for each of the ten applications that follow these first 15 applications,
• $ 200 for each application following the first twenty-five applications.


Large business means;
- 100 or more employees
- gross revenues in excess of $ 3,000,000

Note that the fees are half price for small business.

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Will you be compliant to WHMIS for June 1st 2017?

Posted 3/10/2017

Why WHMIS is so importantWhy WHMIS is so important

Yes, since the entry into force of the new WHMIS in 2015, the ingredient disclosure list has been invalidated. This is no longer the reference!

Unfortunately we find that too many people who write cards still rely on this list to declare their dangerous ingredients in section 3 of the SDS when this method has been totally out of date for more than two years.

In the new WHMIS, the obligation to disclose or not to disclose your ingredients on the form is based on a multitude of different calculations more or less complex related to each class of products. To perform these calculations adequately and in full compliance, the first step is to breakdown 100% of each of your raw materials used in your recipe. (Not only those listed in section 3 of the SDS of your supplier).

Subsequently, you will be able to properly breakdown each of your formulas that you want to put on the market. This first step may seem long and tedious but it will ensure compliance. Once your formulas are properly broken down, you will be able to apply the rules of calculation in accordance with the regulations.

Do not forget to keep this work for at least 10 years. This way of working will save you a lot of issues. Do you have questions or questions? You are not alone !

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