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Attention! Changes to Gas Cylinder Standards within TDG!

Posted 10/23/2018

Gas cylindersGas cylindersDid you know that Gas Cylinder Standards have been modified for TDG?

For the people involved in the transportation of dangerous goods, it is indeed important to know that the Standards affecting gas cylinders have been modified. These standards will be mandatory as of December 31, 2018 but can be used starting right now.


CSA Standards B339-B340-B341-B342

The CSA Standard B339 establishes requirements for the manufacture, inspection, testing, marking, requalification, new heat treatment, repair and refurbishment of gas cylinders and tubes for the transport of dangerous goods. It also sets out the requirements for the qualification of new models and the registration of facilities.


The CSA Standard B340 establishes requirements for the selection, use, handling and filling of gas cylinders, tubes and other receptacles used for the transport of Class 2 compressed gases.


The CSA Standard B341 establishes requirements for the initial design, manufacture, inspection and testing, marking, inspection and testing and repair of UN pressure receptacles and gas containers with the elements of the product for the transport of dangerous goods.

The CSA Standard B342 establishes requirements for the selection, use, handling and filling of pressure receptacles, multi-element gas containers and other pressure receptacles for the carriage of dangerous goods of Class 2 Gas.


Where do they refer to these Standards in TDG regulations?

TDG Regulations Section 5.10 states that the transport of Class 2 dangerous goods that are placed in compliant CSA Standards B339, B340, B341 and B342 receptacles is allowed for all modes of transport.

These new standards published in June 2018 are coming into force on December 31st, 2018. However, companies can start adopting them at any time before that date.

You can obtain a copy of these Standards from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).   


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