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Will you be compliant to WHMIS for June 1st 2017?

Posted 3/10/2017

Why WHMIS is so importantWhy WHMIS is so important

Yes, since the entry into force of the new WHMIS in 2015, the ingredient disclosure list has been invalidated. This is no longer the reference!

Unfortunately we find that too many people who write cards still rely on this list to declare their dangerous ingredients in section 3 of the SDS when this method has been totally out of date for more than two years.

In the new WHMIS, the obligation to disclose or not to disclose your ingredients on the form is based on a multitude of different calculations more or less complex related to each class of products. To perform these calculations adequately and in full compliance, the first step is to breakdown 100% of each of your raw materials used in your recipe. (Not only those listed in section 3 of the SDS of your supplier).

Subsequently, you will be able to properly breakdown each of your formulas that you want to put on the market. This first step may seem long and tedious but it will ensure compliance. Once your formulas are properly broken down, you will be able to apply the rules of calculation in accordance with the regulations.

Do not forget to keep this work for at least 10 years. This way of working will save you a lot of issues. Do you have questions or questions? You are not alone !

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