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WHMIS 2015 - Distributors of chemicals - final date

Posted 8/27/2018

whmis 2015whmis 2015The countdown is well started!

Indeed, stage 2 of the transition period ends on September 1st, 2018 ie in   5 days!

During this phase of the transition period, distributors could continue to sell products whose labels and SDSs were compliant with either WHMIS 1988 or WHMIS 2015, but not both at the same time!

We are therefore at the dawn of phase 3 of the transition period (September 1st, 2018 to November 30th, 2018).

From this phase, manufacturers, importers and distributors will only have to sell or import WHMIS 2015 compliant products. As a result, the transition to WHMIS 2015 will be complete for all suppliers.

Effective December 1st, employers and suppliers will be required to comply with the Hazardous Products Act (HPA) and the Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR). The education and training program for all employees should have been given in accordance with the requirements.

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