Whether you have a problem to import-export chemicals or would simply want to look at policies and procedures in term of regulatory aspects, create new materials and tools, develop a safe workplace environment or a specific training program, contact us and we will start working together to meet your objectives.


Partial or full audit

Adapting the Hazardous Products Act

Classification of chemicals

Regulatory classification and  marking for transport (TDG)

Consumer products import-export

Customized consulting services

Creation of SDSs

Creation of your WHMIS 2015 compliant labels

Creation of workplace labels

Creation of labels for consumer products

Creation of Bill of ladings for transport of dangerous goods (TDG)

Dangerous goods residual reporting








Chemicals classificationChemicals classification


We have all the tools on hand to ease up the tasks from classification to market launch.

Evaluation of volatile organic ingredients and compounds (VOC)

Expert advisor toward authorities

Industrials chemicals import-export

Labels printing

Preparation of Federal report NPRI

Reporting of airborne contaminants, rules and quality control

Registration of products containing pesticides (PMRA)

Regulatory labeling under Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR)

Safe packaging and warehousing of chemicals

Safety data sheets management (SDS)

Shipping to US, with DOT and CFR49

Translation of regulatory documents / data sheets French-English or English-French








 Creation of regulatory labels and printingCreation of regulatory labels and printing